As the height of outdoor living approaches this summer, everyone is clamoring to live “al fresco” style.

These outdoor trends are sure to give your indoor garden a boost! They are perfect for all the plant moms out there... And all these products are in-stock and ready to ship!

1. Go for color!

Colorful pots in different sizes can add some interest to a room with a lot of neutral colors. Place the colorful planters in focal points around the room to maximize their impact, like on end tables, coffee tables, near windows, or built-in shelves. Consider using multiple smaller planters of different colors instead of just one large one for a more dynamic look. Some of our favorites:

Paint Drip Planters With Stand

Frolicking Fish Planter Set of 2 Portuguese Print Trio Planter Relief Planters

Monochrome styling with planters is a modern, neutral, and versatile decorating trend that can instantly transform a room. Sticking to a single-color family for pots and plants - like shades of green, grays, or whites - creates a calm, soothing, and unified aesthetic. Using neutrals can even tie multiple rooms together - try placing coordinating containers throughout the entryway, living room, and kitchen to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout. Try these neutrals:

2. Pick a Consistent Palate

Neutral Planters

Modern Leaf Neutral Toned Planters Two Toned Textured Ceramic Gray Pot Set Emblem Motif Neutral Planters

3. Make a style statement.

Match pots and planters to the decorating style of your room to make a statement!

Rustic wood, chippy pots, three-legged baskets, and galvanized metal are perfect for a farmhouse style. Place in the kitchen for a homey, nostalgic feel, or add interest to a screen porch or entryway. Embrace the charm and simplicity that is associated with farmhouse decor by filling planters with plants that feel natural, like wildflowers.

Basket On Stand, Set Of 3

Distressed Cream Double Planter
Wood Iron-Footed Planter Set of 2
Botanical Embossed Planter Set

Modern styles call for a sleek ceramic with a matte finish or a simple planter with a chic pattern. Add patterns to a living room with a neutral palette, or place them on a dresser or nightstand in a bedroom. Try experimenting with the height and scale of your planters to create visual balance. Place taller planters on the floor or on elevated stands, while smaller ones can be displayed on shelves or tabletops.

Diamond Textured Footed Pots
Raised Metal Planter Set
Spherical Bowl Planter Set of 2

Add detail to an eclectic room with a whimsical style. Add peaceful plants in a fun container to a child's room, or even add a little joy to an office space with an interesting and colorful planter. These eye-catching pieces will instantly draw attention and set the tone. Consider placing them in prominent areas, such as on a shelf, mantel, or coffee table.

Charcoal Rabbit Basket Planter

Tongue-in-Cheek Frog Planters
Purr-fect Cat Planter Set of 2
Rustic Metal Farm Animal Planter Set of 2

4. Add some detail. 

Mixing and matching different materials and finishes on planters is a fantastic way to add texture and visual interest to your decorating. 

Metal containers are available in a variety of styles and are a nice addition to any room, front porch, covered patio, or under a pergola. Choose a sleek gold planter for a modern office or a more rustic galvanized metal to complement a farmhouse kitchen or bedroom.

Brass Botanical Planter Set 3

Flourish Square Metal Containers On Stand Set of 3 Square Debossed Metal Planters Brass Planter Pair on Stands

Clay/cement pots add interest and texture and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Terracotta has a summery, desert feel that would be perfect in a kitchen window or porch, whereas cement can feel distinctly modern and complements any living room, bedroom, or bathroom decor with a neutral color.

Tall Terracotta & White Printed Pot Set of 2

Abstract Print Terracotta Planters Gray Geometric Print Pot Set Adobe Dish Garden Planter Set

Why wait? Grab some of our favorites and add some style to your space!

July 20, 2023 — Sullivans Home Decor

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