Whatever the decorating question, beautiful, luxurious faux florals are the answer! They don’t require water or sunlight, there’s always a stem to complement your decorating style, and they bring the outdoors inside! At Sullivans Home Decor, we make the highest quality, most realistic-looking faux florals. They are impressive in texture, height, and quality. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, so you could say that we’re industry experts! Here are four floral trends that will instantly elevate your style!

1. Visit the Tropics

Tropical stems are the perfect choice when you want to turn your space into an oasis.  They are simple, yet bold and dramatic, and can add a lot of height to a room with large walls or high ceilings. Here are a few of our favorites:  Lifelike Colorful Tropical Stem SetMixed Orange Tropical Flower StemLarge Flat and Glossy Palmetto Leaf Pick

Lifelike Colorful Tropical Stem Set

Be whisked away to island paradise with this bright and boisterous collection of tropical stems. Scatter amidst some greenery and create the perfect tabletop display for sunny days. 

Lifelike Colorful Tropical Stem Set

Also Shown: Tropical Leaf Mixed Greens Stem

Mixed Orange Tropical Flower Stem

With a hint of the tropics, this bundle will add eye-catching interest to your next arrangement. Add to an array of palm fronds and rainforest-style leaves for a look that is sure to please. 

Mixed Orange Tropical Flower Stem

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Large Flat and Glossy Palmetto Leaf Pick

Bring all eyes to your design with the addition of this striking sizable leaf. Broad; breathtaking; and ready to enhance any aesthetics; this long-time favorite is sure to add life to any interior!

Large Green Anthurium Leaf Stem

Also Shown: Large Green Anthurium Leaf Stem, Phalaenopsis Orchid Stem

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2. Satisfying Succulents

Display a twist on the popular succulent theme by trying them in black! Black succulents are sleek, and elegant, and are a great accent to a modern home. Here are a few you won’t want to miss: Rich Dramatic Black Succulent PickLifelike Dark Black Lush Succulent PickRich Black and Green Succulent Pick

Rich Dramatic Black Succulent Pick

Meet the king of succulents. This artificial plant looks black in the right light (or very dark purple). Because of its unique shade; it's considered the most royal succulent out there. Whether you're expanding your collection or decorating for a color theme; try adding a few black succulents for a splash of color and class.

Rich Dramatic Black Succulent Pick

Also Shown: Rich Dramatic Black Succulent PickLifelike Dark Black Lush Succulent Pick, Lifelike Green and Light Pink Succulent Pick

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 3. Add Drama With Dried Florals

Faux-dried florals are all the rage. There are so many styles and colors of faux dried botanicals that there truly is something to complement every decorating style. Whether you favor Mid-Century Modern or Grand Millennial or Modern Farmhouse styles, we’ve got some faux dried florals for you. Check out: Coffee Colored Faux Dried ProteaFaux Dried Coffee Brown PlumeFaux Dried Brown Thistle Spray

Coffee Colored Faux Dried Protea

This faux protea is a perfect stand-in for this flowering original. Strong, thick stems and shiney, dark green leaves are the perfect companion to the coffee-colored bloom of this distinctive plant.

Coffee Colored Faux Dried Protea

Also Shown: Warm Brown Faux Dried Protea, Cream Faux Dried Protea Stem, Faux Dried Blush Berry Spray

Faux Dried Coffee Brown Plume

Plume grass, also known as pampas, is a legendary ornamental species. This light brown decorative piece feels just like the natural dried version, and is versatile enough for your year-round decor. 

Faux Dried Coffee Brown Plume

Faux Dried Brown Thistle Spray

Sometimes your design needs just a touch of texture and dimension to bring it to that next level. This great-looking dried thistle gives you all that and more.

Faux Dried Brown Thistle Spray
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4. Go Subtle with Stems

Stems and twigs can be a subtle addition to any decor. They’re typically available in neutral tones with just a little bit of color. Their height makes them versatile as they can be displayed in a floor vase near a door, in a hallway, or next to a couch or console table. They can also be used in an oversized display on a large kitchen table or on top of a grand piano! You won’t want to miss these: Lifelike Wispy Blue Thistle StemFlowering Yellow Almond Twig StemFluffy White Dandelion and Twig Stem

Spring & Summer Purple Flower Stem

Nothing brings life into a room quite like the presence of a fruiting stem. This faux alternative is fresh year-round, so there's no need to worry about placing this stem into arrangements found in any room of the home.

Spring and Summer Purple Flower Stem

Also Shown: Modern Iridescent Copper Planters

Lifelike Australian Pink Strawflower Stem

These lifelike blooms, which are native to Australia, offer up a burst of color for any bouquet or arrangement. The nature of this stem makes this a realistic choice for any use.

Lifelike Australian Pink Strawflower Stem

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July 01, 2022 — Sullivans Home Decor