You’ve worked hard to create and decorate your home. You added special touches, meaningful objects, and things that make you happy. Adding that feeling of home to your outdoor living spaces - porch, patio, terrace, deck - can certainly seem intimidating. Where do you begin? We suggest starting with these little changes that can make a big impact!

Here are three quick ideas that will extend your home atmosphere without breaking the bank!

1. Create a soothing space with candles.

There is nothing more welcoming than the flickering glow of candlelight. Add that glow to your outdoor living space with flameless LED Pillar Candles. These gorgeous pillar candles are made from weather-resistant plastic that will withstand Mother Nature all year round. They have a programmable timer and long battery run time so you can set them and forget them. Cluster them in groups of odd numbers anywhere you’d like some warmth. This is effortless decor at its finest!

Speaking of candles… give your outdoor candles a boost with some trendy lanterns. These Black Metal Lanterns feature a simple metal frame. Use them as a dining table centerpiece, or display them on the corner of a porch or a patio. Embellish them with our life-like greenery to keep them relevant all year round!

2. Share your personality with artwork from the Darren Gygi Home Collection.

Tulip paintingShop Darren Gygi Wall Art

The themes in this collection span every style and interest from farmhouse to sports to cooking to nautical. These canvas prints come in 5 different sizes, perfect for hanging, propping, or placing on an easel. And better yet: a quick spray of Rustoleum makes them weatherproof!

Whether you’re an apartment-dweller decorating your balcony, or a countess embellishing the grounds of your estate, outdoor artwork is the final touch your outdoor living space needs.

3. Make a statement with unique planters.

Flowers are a must with outdoor living, and these planters make it quick and easy to display them. Group your favorite flowers - real or faux – in these White Scalloped Edged Pots. But don’t stop there! Place a row of planters along a patio or deck, or position them strategically around the yard.

Another great option, try our Hanging Terracotta Pot Set. Suspended in mid-air, this shapely metal frame brilliantly holds a terracotta-style planter and comes in a set of two. Add your favorite “forever” florals for a fresh from the garden look!

With three easy additions, your outdoor living space is now an extension of your home. Enjoy it as your own personal oasis or invite your family and friends to share in it too. After all, home is where you want to be! 

April 01, 2022 — Sullivans Home Decor

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