6" Brown Sugar Goblet

This beautiful candle features a Brown Sugar colored wax shell, and the mottled texture of the Timber collection gives it a wonderful look. Inside, the unscented wax burns nicely and gives off a lovely warm light as the shell glows. Made by Vance Kitira, this candle is sold individually, and you can choose from multiple sizes. Sold individually, photo is for size reference only. This SKU is 6 by 6 inches, has 3 wicks, and burns for 40 hours.

Product Information

Material: Wax

Dimensions: 6"L x6"W x6"

Primary Color: Brown Sugar

Product Highlights

  • Clean burning, odorless, smokeless, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, water clear and real wax goblet-shaped candle.
  • This candle burn straight down, so you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance without worrying about the mess.
  • Candle measures 6"L x 6"W x 6"H, has 3 wicks, and a burn time of 60 hours