Sea Foam Timber Pillar Candle

Timber® Candles are so well-loved that they've been just about everywhere - from backyard BBQs to sophisticated weddings. They adapt to their surroundings, enhance the venue and create a memorable experience for all. Shown here as a 9" tall pillar, there is a range of great sizes available, and all your favorite colors.

Product Information

Material: Wax

Dimensions: 3.25"L x3.25"W x9"

Primary Color: SEA FAOM

Product Highlights

  • Clean burning, odorless, smokeless, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, water clear and real wax pillar candles.
  • These candles burn straight down, so you can enjoy the beautiful ambiance without worrying about the mess.
  • Candle measures 3.25"L x 3.25"W x 9"H and has a burn time of 180 hours
  • Candle features a burn time of 180 hours
  • Odorless candle ensures smoke-free and clean burning
  • 100% cotton wicks to ensure safe burning

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful sea foam candles

My candles arrived last week and they are so pretty and go well with my decor. Sea foam color is very hard to find and these are just perfect! They even have a decorative tie around the middle which sets them apart from ordinary, plain ones.