I’m here to shed light on the world of luxury candles and how they stand apart from the everyday candles you might pick up at a large retailer.

Wax Matters

Vance Kitira White Pillar Candles

At the heart of any candle is its wax, and they are not all created equally. Many generic candles use standard paraffin, which can release toxins and soot, potentially staining walls or accumulating in your ducts. Vance Kitira's unscented candles boast food-grade paraffin, and our scented candles are crafted from high-quality soy wax, ensuring a radiant, cleaner, and healthier burn. This also ensures a clear, radiant glow throughout, only amplified by the fine German dyes we use for coloring in our unscented candles that are the perfect decorative accents.

Fragrance Excellence

Dry Gin and Cashmere Candle

The source and quality of the scent matter, and the difference is in the detail. We pride ourselves on collaborating with world-renowned fragrance houses. These partnerships allow us to infuse our scented candles with rich, natural oils, setting them leagues apart from those with synthetic fragrances that might emit harmful chemicals. 
My personal favorite is Dry Gin and Cashmere, combining cedarwood, citrus, and vanilla. It's soft, but not subtle. 

The Wick's Tale

Vance Kitira Pear Candles

Ever noticed a dancing flame in some candles? I find this so interesting, but as they flicker and sometimes pop, it often indicates impurities in the wick. This not only disrupts the ambiance but can also release more soot. Vance candles feature 100% cotton wicks, ensuring a cleaner, still flame and minimal soot production.


Vance Kitira Novelty Candles

Our candles are more than just wax and wick. Each one is hand-poured, exemplifying Vance Kitira's dedication to craftsmanship and quality over mere mass production. 


Vance Kitira Taper Candles

Many candles might claim to be 'green', but it's essential to dig deeper. Beyond just words, our actions are underscored by our eco-friendly certifications from an independent SGS lab in France, making sure you light up responsibly.
Investing in a luxury candle is not merely about ambiance. It's about ensuring that you're not introducing known carcinogens or harmful chemicals into your home. With Vance Kitira, luxury meets quality.
When you're making your next candle choice, remember: it's not just about lighting a room, but how you light it. Choose luxury, choose quality, choose Vance Kitira.

August 25, 2023 — Sullivans Home Decor

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