Meet Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea Deboer

This summer, Sullivans partnered with Chelsea DeBoer. Chelsea was first introduced to the world in 2011 on Teen Mom 2. Since then, she's become an inspiration for women and moms everywhere, and she and her family have gained a significant following online.

She designed and decorated her own dream home, recently started a home decor line, and she and her husband launched a home renovation show, Down Home Fab on HGTV, in early 2023.

Chelsea loves getting design inspiration from Sullivans Home Decor. These are some of her current favorites!

Black Banded Woven Basket Set Modern White Jug Vase Set of 2 Hobnail Glass Vase

Chelsea has partnered with Sullivan's to curate a list of her must-have items, with candleholders, vases, baskets, and more. Featuring warm wood brushed gold and black accents, you can mix and match anything in the collection and achieve beautiful coordinating home decor to fill a living room, bedroom, or office space. 

Candle Holders

Chelsea loves these glass candlestick holders because they have such clean, modern lines and can complement any other decor. Sullivans' candle holders pair perfectly with Candle Impressions flameless LED candles or clean-burning Vance Kitira candles.

Here are some of Chelsea's other favorite candle holders:

Gilded Classic Pillar Holders
Sleek Taper Candlestick Holders

Shapely Candlestick Holder


Faux Greenery 

Chelsea recommends this faux potted aloe because it is so realistic, with a heavy base and textured leaves, that you don't even need live plants in your home. Sullivans carries a wide range of faux and silk greenery and florals, great for decorating whether it's winter or summer.

More of her favorite greenery:

Fern in Ball
Potted Dracaena Plant

Draped Hanging Fern Foliage


Accent Decor

Chelsea loves this Dry Gin and Cashmere scented candle because it has a fresh scent that's both botanical and masculine - the perfect year-round candle. Like our other Vance Kitira candles, it's hand-poured, clean-burning and eco-friendly.

See some of Chelsea's other favorite accent pieces:

Ultra-Modern Atomic Shape Art
Slate Live-Edge Coaster Set

Bowl with Spherical Frame Base


We love Chelsea's style, and we know you will too. Whether your style is modern farmhouse, warm Scandi or sleek midcentury modern, this collection has something for everyone. See the whole collection here and follow Chelsea on Instagram at @chelseahouska!

August 04, 2023 — Sullivans Home Decor

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