Our New Influence Collection: Stylish Must-Haves for Every Home!

Have you ever noticed how the right home decor can pull a room together? Something as simple as a vase or a beautiful piece of wall art can create an entirely new atmosphere in your space. That's why we believe that great style should be accessible to everyone.

Introducing the Influence Collection from Sullivans Home Decor: Twelve carefully crafted pieces that are designed to make an impact. Each vessel is crafted with the highest quality materials and long-lasting durability. Standout details include modern matte luster finishes; smoky, ribbed glass pieces; and embellished, decorative pots; all unique approaches to the household staple--a flower vase. This collection is perfect for those looking for versatile decor accessories that are stylish and will stand the test of time.

Stylish and Sophisticated: The Essence of the Influence Collection

Influence Collection    Influence Collection  Influence Collection

Our new Influence Collection has been made with the highest quality materials to ensure these pieces will beautify your space for years to come. The Influence Collection includes glossy, two-handled vessels in black or white; asymmetric, ribbed vases; and sets of creamy white matte pitchers and pot sets.

Every item in the collection has been meticulously designed to add texture to any living space, and the neutral colors ensure that they will complement a variety of decorating styles. These sophisticated pieces will add interest to any style of decor, and with items to suit any space or style, you can create a unique look that will last for years to come.

Versatile Decorating

Influence Collection

The Influence Collection’s versatile neutral colors makes it easy to mix and match pieces to create dynamic looks that fit your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a simple accent piece for the living room or an eye-catching centerpiece for the dining table, the Influence Collection has something for every taste.

Our versatile vases make excellent statement pieces for a variety of rooms including bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and guest baths. These vases and pitchers are stunning on display as-is or can be filled with seasonal foliage to accessorize as occasions come and go.

Because of its thoughtful design, the Influence Collection was created with you in mind– no matter your style or budget, these pieces are sure to meet your every need. With this chic collection of home decor accessories, your living space will be transformed into something straight out of a magazine — and best yet — you won't have to break the bank to do it.

All in all, the Influence Collection is both a must-have and a timeless addition to your living space. The variety of shapes and finishes, combined with the highest quality materials, make this collection the perfect way to bring a contemporary and sophisticated long-term element to your home decor. If you’re looking to upgrade your home decor and make a statement, the Influence Collection is the perfect choice.


Influence Collection

May 12, 2023 — Sullivans Home Decor

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