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Candle Holders and Lanterns

Add a new brightness to any space with our candle holders and lanterns. Our selection of candle holders and lanterns combined with our LED candles will enhance your home décor.

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  1. Short Glass Lantern Vase with Wire Handle
  2. Ceramic White Candle Holder Set
  3. Rustic Copper Lantern with LED Pillar Candle
  4. Rustic White-Washed Lantern with LED Pillar Candle
  5. Tall Glass Lantern Vase with Wire Handle
  6. Modern Textured Pillar Candle Holder Set
  7. Intricate Industrial-Inspired Pillar Candle Holder Set
  8. Antique White Hurricane Candle Holder Set
  9. Ceramic Red Candle Holder Set
  10. Colorful Pillar Candle Holder Trio
  11. Antique Gold “Beautiful Soul” Lantern with LED Pillar Candle
  12. Classic Wooden & Galvanized Tin Lantern
  13. Unique Industrial-Inspired Metal Lantern Set
  14. Antique White Vintage Candle Holder Set
  15. Votive Candle Holders and Mini Vase Tray
  16. Distressed Ceramic and Glass Candle Holder Set
  17. Taper Candle Holder
  18. Copper Lantern Set
  19. Oversized Birdhouse Lantern Set
  20. Large Red Pillar Candle Holder Set
  21. Modern Round Pillar Candle Holder
  22. "Loving Memory" LED Memorial Lantern
  23. Rustic Ombre Pillar Candle Holder Set
  24. Industrial Rustic Brushed Metal Lantern Set
  25. Crystal Tea Candle Holder Set
  26. Oversized Tuscan Villa Candle Chandelier
  27. Elegant Hurricane Lantern Set
  28. Oversized Vintage Farmhouse Pillar Candle Holder Set
  29. Rustic Oversized Distressed and Embossed Lantern Set
  30. Oversized Wooden Lantern
  31. Galvanized Metal Wall Lantern Set
  32. Carved Pillar Candle Holder Set
  33. Butterfly Pillar Lantern Set
  34. Tall Handcrafted Minimalist Pillar Candle Holder Set
  35. Oversized Weathered-Wood Rustic Lantern Set
  36. Oversized Weathered Wood Lantern
Grid List

Items 1-36 of 53

Set Descending Direction