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Light up Your Space with our Candle Holders and Lanterns.

Make your home decor shine with Vance Kitira hand-poured, hand-distressed eco-friendly candles, Candle Impressions and Mirage LED candles, and candle holders and lanterns to enhance any space.

Our Vance Kitira candles come in many shapes and sizes from pillars to tapers and provide flickering, enchanting light. Choose from many different colors to accent every from. Our LED candles offer a beautiful glow without the maintenance of a live flame and are available in both indoor and outdoor styles.

Our decorative candle holders are created for every style of décor.  Choose from ceramic, wooden, metal, and a variety of combinations of materials. Whether you're looking for something for a bedroom, living room, dining room, or any other part of your home, we have something perfect for you.

Our lanterns make a great focal point for any room. Without candles, they offer a unique and charming look, but with one of our LED candle options they create a beautiful, inviting ambiance. Place them on a shelf, mantel, dining table, or anywhere else you want to add a warm and comforting touch.