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Faux boxwood Orbs or Mixed herbs Orbs, half orbs, full orbs – Sullivans has an orb to fit your décor.

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Set Descending Direction
  1. Green Trailing Wisteria Half Orb
  2. White Daisy and Green Eucalyptus Half Orb
  3. Spring Lavender & Herb Half Orb
  4. Autumn Leaf & Berries Half Orb
    Autumn Leaf & Berries Half Orb
    Special Price $14.00 Regular Price $19.10
  5. Green Baby Grass Half Orb
  6. Green New England Boxwood Half Orb
  7. Miniature Sunflower, Eucalyptus, and Berry Half Orb
  8. Boxwood Half Orb
  9. Feather Fern Half Orb
  10. Pastel Sedum Orb Vase Fillers
  11. Leaf Berry Half Orb
  12. Mini Echeveria Orb Vase Fillers
  13. Coral Fern Half Orb
  14. Burgundy Eucalyptus Half Orb
  15. Mini Purple and Green Wisteria Half Orb
  16. Green Succulent Half Orb
  17. Grassy Green Mossy Orb Set of 3
  18. Soft Lambs Ear Willow Half Orb
  19. Cotton and Eucalyptus Half Orb
  20. Spring Herb & Lavender Half Orb
  21. Assorted Green Moss Orb Set
  22. Green Feathery Fern Half Orb
  23. Green Rosemary Hanging Orb
  24. New England Boxwood Half Orb
  25. Wispy Spanish Fern and Tarragon Orb
  26. Green Mini Leaf and Berry Half Orb
    Green Mini Leaf and Berry Half Orb
    Special Price $10.00 Regular Price $13.50
  27. Green Maiden Hair Fern Orb
  28. Frosted Green Cedar Half Orb
  29. Green Pea Leaf Mini Decorative Orb
  30. Bright Yellow Wispy Half Orb
  31. Coral Dahlia and Berry Orb
  32. Colorful Summer Wildflower Orb
  33. Green Leaf & Lavender Orb
  34. Succulent Fern Half Orb
  35. Summer Wildflower Mix Orb
  36. Smilax Half Orb
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