Winter Scene Light Set Of 3

This set of 3 LED silver lighted cylinders features a beautiful etching of a winter scene that glows gold when lit. Measuring 6", 8", and 10" high, this glass Christmas lighting is sure to add some elegance to your Holiday decorating.

Product Information


Dimensions: 0' 3.50'' L X 0' 3.50'' W X 0' 10.00'' H
0' 3.50'' L X 0' 3.50'' W X 0' 8.00'' H
0' 3.50'' L X 0' 3.50'' W X 0' 6.00'' H

Primary Color: Silver

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SKU: G8370

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Benjamin Darien
Winter scene upside down

The tall winter light scene was put together with the light attached to the top of the winter scene. So, when you set up the light on the bottoms, the trees & deer are upside down. It would be nice if you replaced the large winter scene light

Oh no! We are so sorry. We will check our stock and send you a whole new set right away.