1. Made with Real Wax

Mirage Candles

Not plastic. Not silicone. Not anything else. The majority are crafted from real wax, just like a traditional candle. You want your candlelight to look and feel real - forget the flame, but keep everything else the same.

2. Remarkable Technology meets Effortless Ambience

Mirage Candles

A market leader in Flameless Candles! Enjoy an assortment of impeccable wax pillars and LED flame technology that surpasses the competition.

3. Industry Leading Battery Run Times

Candle Impressions

Candle Impressions® will save you money and time by providing candles that run approximately 400 hours longer than the competition on a single pair of batteries - 10,000+ hours of run time!

4. Patented Realistic Wick Design

Candle Impressions

Real candles have wicks. Only Candle Impressions® Flameless Candles have a little faux wick on top, that enables them to look real - whether on or off.

5. Programmable Timer 

Mirage Candles

Your candles can turn on or off according to the schedule that you decide. They can be set to stay on from 1-23 hours!

6. Flickering Flame

Mirage Candles

Patent-pending technology creates the illusion of a real, flickering flame.

Set the Holiday Mood

Mirage Candles

Bright and fresh by day - glowing ambiance by night. Tea Lights, tapers and pillars to fill the home with holiday warmth and cozy, "wintery feels."

Join us on YouTube for more Flameless Candle videos, including styles and tutorials.

April 28, 2022 — Sullivans Home Decor

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