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Artificial wreaths to compliment your home décor, for every season.  And for every place in your home, your front door, the mantle or wall.  Choose from Magnolia, Boxwood, Lavender, Eucalyptus and more.

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  1. Daisy Eucalyptus Ring
  2. Sunflower, Eucalyptus & Berry Accent Ring
  3. Daisy Eucalyptus Ring
  4. Fuzzy Pussywillow Mini Wreath
  5. Verdant Juniper Pine Mini Wreath
  6. Charming Lavender Mini Wreath
  7. Lush Boxwood Mini Wreath
  8. Soft Green Eucalyptus Mix Mini Wreath
  9. Naturalistic Foliage Mini Wreath
  10. Classic Magnolia Leaf Mini Wreath
  11. New England Boxwood Mini Wreath
  12. Forsythia Mini Wreath
  13. Dense & Lush Baby Grass Mini Wreath
  14. Earthy Leaf & Twig Mini Wreath
  15. Multi-Hue Realistic Eucalyptus Mini Wreath
  16. Quaint Blue Boxwood Wreath
  17. Hanging Daisy Eucalyptus Swag
  18. Multicolored Butterfly & Wildflower Mix Mini Wreath
  19. Pine and Cone Flocked Wreath with Bells
  20. Flexible Wisteria Ornamental Mini-Wreath
  21. Pine and Cone Flocked Wreath
  22. Eucalyptus Mix Wreath
  23. Earthy English Boxwood Mini Wreath
  24. Mini Eucalyptus Berry Wreath
  25. Multi Dimensional Twig & Pussywillow Wreath
  26. Modern Crisp Magnolia Leaf Wreath
  27. Leaf Foliage Wreath
  28. Soft Eucalyptus Mix Mini Wreath
  29. Wispy Feather Fern Mini Wreath
  30. Rustic Bittersweet Mini Wreath
  31. Charming Lavender Mini Wreath
  32. Lush Blue Boxwood Mini Wreath
  33. Lush Magnolia Leaf Mini Wreath
  34. Multi-tone Hedgerow Wreath
  35. Magnolia Leaf Mini-Wreath
  36. Pearl Bead Mini Wreath
Grid List

Items 1-36 of 93

Set Descending Direction