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Trees and Topiaries

High quality, low maintenance artificial trees provide a beautiful way to enhance your living space.  Sullivans has the look to fit your home.

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  1. Daisy, Eucalyptus Topiary Pair
  2. Naturalistic Double Boxwood Potted Faux Topiary
  3. Earthy Tea Leaf Topiary Potted Set
  4. Fiddle Leaf Tree
  5. Decorative 5ft Potted Fiddle Leaf Tree
  6. Earthy Herb Topiary Potted Set
  7. Bay Leaf Topiary Set
  8. Naturalistic Mini Leaf Potted Topiary Set
  9. Magnolia Trees
  10. Lush Potted Shikaba Tree Set
  11. Sun-Soaked Dense Faux Eucalyptus Topiary Set
  12. Boxwood Topiary Set
  13. 4'H Abundantly Lush Shikiba Topiary Tree
  14. Naturalistic Tropical Maguey Potted Tree
  15. Tall Earthy Tea Leaf Berry Topiary Set
  16. Feather Fern Topiary Tree Set
  17. Naturalistic Mini Potted Olive Tree
  18. Boxwood Topiary
  19. Lemon Topiary
  20. Blue Spruce W/Lights Plastic Tree
  21. Boxwood Topiary
  22. Realistic 4' Potted Lemon Topiary
  23. Densely Lush Wisteria Topiary Set
Simple Slender Pine Tree with Burlap Wrapped Base
  25. Stunningly Dense New England Boxwood Topiary Set
  26. Eucalyptus Topiary Set
  27. Densely Lush Boxwood Topiary Set
  28. Lush Mini Maiden Hair & Fern Ball Topiary Tree
  29. Mediterranean-Inspired, Lifelike Olive Tree Topiary Set
  30. Blue Spruce W/Lights Plastic Tree
  31. 7'6"H Danish Royal Fir Pe Tree
  32. Boxwood 2 Tier Topiary Tree
  33. Double Lavender Topiary
  34. Boxwood Topiary
  35. Eucalyptus Berry Topiary Set
  36. Lush, Verdant Eucalyptus & Berry Topiary Set
Grid List

Items 1-36 of 61

Set Descending Direction