When it comes to decorating with some outside-the-box uses for our line of storage containers and decorative ceramics – we know that all it takes is just one great idea (and anyone who has taken a shower has had a great idea)!

You can easily reinvent the room with our vast array of candle holders to vases, planters and decorative pots – if it’s a container, you’ve got a use for it! Our options migrate between looking good and providing a purpose, making them a practical option for any scenario. And before you ask, yes, you can use nearly any of our pots, planters, vases, and baskets for storage!

Studies show that to keep the home light and fresh, people want items to do sort of a double-duty – to look good and provide a function. The right accessories are vital in creating the perfect atmosphere, so think in a more creative, thoughtful way of the unexpected uses for products. Use vases with lifelike faux or real botanicals, or as bookends. Fill pots and planters with succulents or your favorite floral, or even pens and pencils on a desk. Use baskets to store magazines and books. The only limit is your imagination and we want our items to bring inspiration to you.

Whether you’re looking for items that offer up organization or make a statement – we have the solution for you at Sullivans Home Décor.