The traditional Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi isn’t exactly new, but as a way of looking at home decor, it’s decidedly current in its emphasis on finding beauty in the imperfect and incomplete. This makes it the perfect framework for celebrating sustainable materials, unique containers, homespun knits, and other hand-touched textures having their day.

No matter your personal style, there is one key factor to nailing this trend for your home design: Find the beauty in the not-so-perfect. Imported from Japan, the design trend wabi-sabi celebrates the art of the imperfect.

Components include handmade design, sustainable materials, and arranging in asymmetrical patterns! Keep it real, be authentic, and be happy that for once you don't have to make your bed to be cool.


Avoid symmetry at home, and style accessories in odd numbers creating imbalance- the discordant elements contribute to its overall beauty!