In our personal purchases, we find ourselves asking, "What type of materials are used to build or create each item?" Products made using sustainable materials like jute, rattan, handmade paper, maize peel, and clay are still trending in the design world.


Woven Decor

These materials are a significant component of the slouchy, glamour style people are gravitating to lately; but rattan, wicker and maize peel are also undeniable markers of warm weather, evidenced by the fact that every summer, there they are again! This year, they're surfing a bigger trend wave than ever before.

Adding textural wicker, rattan or woven grasses and maize peel to the mix gives a room a touch of nature and the sense of handmade. Bringing in grounding elements and timeless materials, ultimately results in bones that evoke emotion whenever they're in your space.


Clay Products

Terracotta, clay and even concrete have unique properties of being sustainable, safe, durable and versatile enough for every style! These beautifully crafted products are not only charming and unique, but they bring a sense of personal touch into contemporary home interiors.

Handmade Paper

Unlike machine made papers that are made from wood pulp, handmade papers are primarily made from "tree-free" fibers like cotton, abaca, flax and hemp. Handmade paper fibers give these prints incredible detail and texture. You almost have to feel it to believe it!