What type of shopper are you?

Are you the Practical Purchaser, the Stylist, or the Hobbyist? It depends on how you like to decorate in the home and how you decorate for the seasons.

Nearly half of consumers purchase home décor products three plus times per year, and 86% of consumers say that home décor is important. 73% of consumers decorate for the season, with the most influential holidays being Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Shopper’s tend to buy more decorative pots, planters, and vases. Next in priority is artwork; and candles. 45% of you shop for items that fit in with your current décor, with quality being a major factor. Do you tend to buy these items? Let us know below. Did you know each of our items are hand inspected for quality and have hand-made elements!?

To improve emotional wellbeing is why 56% of you shoppers buy. The living room and family room are the most popular rooms to shop for, followed by the bedroom, and outdoor/patio.

At Sullivans we work hard to design products that consumer’s love to have in their homes. We want to provide those items you wish to purchase. No matter what type of shopper you are, Sullivans has what you need to make your house a home.