The circle, according to Pantone, “is a symbol of perfection” as well as being “both historical and forward-facing.” This may be part of the reason that decorative orbs are everywhere and one of the most versatile accessories in decorating today. Giving a contemporary feel to almost any space, they instantly add a splash of color, a touch of texture and a hint of nature.

How do you use decorative orbs? Easily! These little gems can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, entry, bedroom, office and even outside (check with your retailer before placing your orbs outside to make sure they are weatherproof). Orbs are easy to maintain as they don’t require any watering. Just an occasional dusting.

On a bookshelf or mantel, they can be used alone or clustered together among knick-knacks, books, and picture frames. Add them to the tops of candlesticks in varied heights down the center of your dining table for a dramatic centerpiece with a modern flair. Place 3 or 5 in your favorite decorative bowl on your coffee table or in a tray on a console or entry table. How about a giant orb on top of a beautifully crafted metal ice bucket on your countertop for fun, finishing touch to your kitchen? Don’t have an ice bucket; an elevated cake-stand will do the trick. Throw out the old dusty potpourri in your bathroom and replace it with a couple of orbs. Instant transformation. Want to add a little something to your fireplace hearth? Grab a great wicker basket and fill it with a few orbs or an urn and top it with one large orb.

Holiday decorating is as easy as swapping out an everyday orb for one of our holiday style orbs. Take one of our cloches and add a few orbs with some ornaments as a way to jazz up a buffet. Mix some holiday orbs with pinecones in a decorative sleigh to add some holiday to a bookshelf. Or, simply hang some of our orbs from a chandelier to create a festive mood in your dining room.

With Sullivans having over 100 styles of orbs in a variety of colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless!