Making work, well…a lot less work is what Sullivans does best! We love curating items that are great for home office storage, and some not-so-obvious options for streamlining your day-to-day duties. With working from home playing a central role in so many businesses these days, it is important that you have the home office space to make the transition a successful one – and that’s where we come in!

Trading in an office humming with chatter for a room that you’ve recently converted into a quasi-office can pose many challenges (where does this plug into anyways??). We can help you make your space feel like your own. Here you will find the most unique and multi-purpose pencil holders. Turn those trays into an in-and-out box, and some hanging wall planters into an organized filing system. At Sullivans, we have the perfect tools, (along with some very unexpected ones) to blend your home and work life seamlessly.

Whether you are a telecommuter full-time, a freelancer or just working from home for the time-being, there is a lot more to creating a home office than just a laptop, table, and chair! In order to be productive on whatever work comes your way, you need to set the scene as one of order, organization, comfort, and function. While it is important to separate your environments, it is still necessary to create a space that you’ll love coming to work in.

Utilizing some of our risers and platters, you can easily create a sort of grand central station with your electronic devices. Decorating with some of our wall art will help create a soothing environment, while strategically placing some of our potted faux plants can help you conjure up a zen-like feel. If your favorite co-worker is of the four-legged variety, make sure you grab one of our oversized pillows to make a cozy perch for them too. Don’t forget about yourself – add a luxurious throw and a colorful accent pillow to create a low-stress environment so you’ll want to take thinking breaks.

Set up with some of our lighting options, or even create a calming aura with some of our programmable flameless candles. Use any number of our baskets and crates as storage to keep clutter at bay and to help you make the most of your area aesthetic. Creating a workspace with the perfect combination of creativity and productivity (with a little added comfortability). Create a space that lowers stress and increases productivity so you can reap the rewards of a functional home office. You’ll be surprised how far some dynamic accessories and a little imagination will take you!