These are Not your grandma’s artificial greens. With Sullivans’ high quality selection boasting lush, natural hues, there’s no shame in adding a bit of green to your décor without having to tend to fresh. Enter the return of the artificial house plant! But wait -- for years, fakes have had a bad rep for being tacky and unrealistic so we’re here to prove that plastic-y and oddly perfect looks are out. Materials and craftsmanship have really come a long way!

So what does this mean? Many of the new synthetic botanicals have direct print shading on the leaves that give them a more natural texture and look. This easy-to-care-for décor is so similar to that found in nature that even when you touch them you can’t tell whether they are real or not. Aside from a bit of dusting every now and then, they need no maintenance, are robust, and can sit even in the darkest corner. This makes them perfect for those without a green thumb, that have pets, allergies, or rooms without windows. Living plants can be expensive, time-consuming, and finicky, but faux foliage lasts longer and is fresh year-round. Here are some of our favorites!

So, what’s hot now? The Popularity of succulents has surged among millennials and are a big trend in today’s marketplace. This alternative is ideal for high shelves or the tops of bookcases that are hard to reach.

With options ranging from pre-made potted treasures to realistic pose-able wired wreaths made of magnolia, boxwood and eucalyptus -- why NOT decorate with artificial greens? Our plant-focused selection offers up a plethora of choices, making each and every one the perfect combination of outdoor beauty and indoor design-ability! Shop All Greens.