Heading to college is stressful enough, but moving into a dorm and figuring out how to fit everything into a small space adds to that mayhem.

To ease your nerves, let’s start with the one space that will inspire your whole room.  The space where all the magic happens. Let’s organize your desk! Here are six products you need to declutter and organize your study space:

A Metal Wall Storage Pocket

Your desk should stay clear for textbooks and notes, so consider getting a wall storage pocket. Keep your pens, highlighters, and pencils from rolling around and getting in the way. Also great for holding notepads and sticky notes!

Desktop File Organizer

With multiple classes come many note-filled notebooks and folders. To avoid messy piles and disorganization, get this upright file folder with additional bins and a drawer. Your notes will always be in order and easy to find when you are in a hurry for your next class!

Desk Caddy Storage Unit with Drawers

Never lose your paperclips and thumbtacks again with a desk caddy storage unit. Perfect for keeping your desk clear and having what you need at the tip of your fingers!

Wooden Framed Bulletin Chalkboard

Keep thoughts in order with a bulletin chalkboard. Small notes will never be lost again if thumbtacked to the board. Leave fun quotes for yourself or your roommate with the chalkboard half, then erase and repeat the fun!

Mesh Wall Bin Organizer with Hooks

Clear your study space with a mesh wall bin organizer. Miniature books and notepads will never wander off again! Plus, your keys, hats, and lanyards will stay in one spot with the added-on hooks.

Moving into a new dorm is stressful enough, so add some ease and stay organized with any one of these products. Study nights will be a breeze with everything having a place, and notes are never lost again!


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